International forum of arts «…ABOUT SPRING …»

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International forum of arts  «…ABOUT SPRING …»

Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater,
VGO "Federation of boogie-woogie, rock and roll, lindy-hop Ukraine",

Kharkov regional league of dance,
Regional organizational-methodical
theater and concert center,

Under patronage

Kharkiv Regional State Administration
Department of Culture and Tourism of Kharkiv
regional state administration

Supported by
Department of sports image projects and marketing of Kharkiv City Council
International children's and youth Competition and festival of performing arts “Тhe festival bridges”,
International festival agency «Color life»

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international forum of arts

The forum will take place on April 13-14, 2019.
5 locations! Expected number of participants - more than 5000! Money call fund! Nomination "PRO"!

The main platform is the big stage of the Kharkov National Opera and Ballet Theater.

Participation in the forum is open to all teams in Ukraine and abroad.
The number of competitive compositions of the program of the collective is not limited. The collective can act in several age categories and nominations. Vocalists perform two diverse compositions under the "minus". If there are no two entries in the repertoire, one will be performed. Prescribed backing vocals are allowed in the chorus.


Age categories:
1. under 4 years (under 2015 y.b.)
2. 5-7 years (2014-2012 y.b.)
3. 8-11 years (2011-2008 y.b.)
4. 12-15 years (2007-2004 y.b.)
5. 16-26 years (2003-1993 y.b.)

6. mixed age category (in this category, participation is possible provided the difference in the age of the main groups of dancers is not less than 5 years!)

Dancers from the older age group are allowed to participate, but not more than 10% of the total number of dancers in the composition (for example: from 20 dancers of the 12-14 age group, two may be 15 years of age or older.

NEW! Added a separate block of the festival - the nomination "PRO" (professional).

The participation of professional teams and solo performers is possible in this block (participants must be over 12 years old) who have performed for at least three years and are first-place winners and grand prixes of national and international competitions (must be confirmed with copies of diplomas). For any nomination of the festival, with the exception of tournament styles, you can add the prefix "PRO".

"PRO" provides a separate cash prize fund and additional awards (detailed below in the "Rewarding" section)!

Nominations of choreographic art:
1. Variety Dance (variety, narrative, narratively- impressional, dancing theatricalized miniature)
2. Street dance (hip-hop, techno -, disco-, house-, jazz-funk-based staging, etc.)
3. Folk dance
4. Stylized folk dance
5. Modern and Contemporary
6. Classical dance (classical ballet, demy-classics)
7. Ball choreography with variety adaptation (incl. stylization)
8. Oriental dance with variety adaptation (incl. stylization)
9. Free dance category (dance compositions not falling within any of the above nominations, eclecticism, step dance, rock-n-roll, musical film)

Nominations of vocal art:
1. Pop vocal       2. Academic vocal       3. Folk vocal        4. Jazz vocal

Number of members:
1. Solo      
2. Duet     
3. Small forms - 3-5 persons in the spot     
4. Ensemble - 6 and more parsons in the spot

Criteria for evaluating dance numbers:
* Staging work, composition, originality and consistency of production
* Technique and musicality
* The development of the plot (where it is supposed to be staged, the disclosure of the image)
* Selection and matching of musical material to the style of the dance composition and its name
* Compliance with the complexity of the dance composition and the general idea of the number of age dancers
* Culture of performance (appearance, costumes, artistry, plastic, emotion transfer)
Criteria for evaluating vocal numbers:
* Technique and "cleanliness" of performance (sense of pace, rhythm, pure intonation with clear articulation, phrasing of the work, timbre, range, voice power)
* Culture of performance and artistic expressiveness.
* Artistry and emotional impact on the audience.
* Stage image.

Timing of numbers: ensembles, duets - no more than 5 minutes, solo (choreography) no more than 3 minutes, solo (vocals) no more than 5 minutes! Longer numbers can participate in the competition only by prior agreement with the festival organizing committee.
Attention! The Organizing сommittee reserves the right, if necessary, to unite or divide the nominations and age categories without prior notification to the participants.


Technical conditions:
1.  Scene:
Mirror of the scene of the big hall: width - 12 meters, depth - 10 meters. Stage clothes - a black cabinet with a decor around the perimeter. The height of the backdrop is 12 meters. Covering the stage - ballet linoleum on a wooden stage basis.
Mirror of the scene of the small hall: width - 12 meters, depth - 10 meters. Stage clothes - a black office with a white decor. The height of the backdrop is 10 meters. Covering the stage - ballet linoleum on a wooden stage basis.
The area (tournament in modern directions) 10 x 10 m.
The entrance to the stage is not earlier than three numbers before the performance! Spectators on the stage are not allowed.

2. Sound, light:
Sound portals to the auditorium - 18 kW. Lines of monitors on the stage - 4 kW.
Additional equipment for vocals: voice processing, compressor, limiter, gate, wireless microphones Shure, 4 front monitors.
Phonograms are accepted together with the application of participants to e-mail in mp3 format in the highest possible sound quality. Phonograms should have a duration of sound equal to the duration of the composition, respectively, with the idea of a choreographer (vocalist). By default, all tracks will be included immediately after the announcement by the presenter. If it is necessary to include the phonogram after the participants leave the stage or "from the point" - indicate this in the application. All tracks must be signed with Russian letters in the format "Team name_Call name". You need to have a copy of phonograms on the flash drive.
Static and dynamic lighting of the stage is controlled by the illuminator and is corrected from the assistant's stage director console located on the stage. Vocals are theatrical light with a minimum of effects. Choreography - static and dynamic theatrical art light with the use of light effects, but with a priority highlight of the dancers.

3.  Theater services:
Upon arrival in the theater, your staff will meet with the administrators. They can find out the number and location of the dressing room. On the stage and on each floor of the theater there will be on duty administrators from the organizing committee.

Program of the forum:
12 April (friday)

Meeting and accommodation of out-of-town and foreign teams.
Excursion programs (by prior request).
13.00 – 20.00  registration of festival participants, check of phonograms, acquaintance of heads of collectives with the rules and technical details of the competition.
20.00 (time to be confirmed) - accommodation of the participants of the exhibition "Kids Camp Fest"
Attention! Registration of the team is possible only the day before the performance! Non-resident and foreign collectives can confirm participation and check registration by telephones of the organizing committee.

13 April (saturday). Competitive day

Kharkiv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet (Sumskaya Street, 25).

08.30-09.45 – accommodation of the participants of the first department in the dressing rooms, a test of the scene. Rehearsal time can be booked in advance by phone +38 068-122-00-90. The composition is allocated no more than 1.5 minutes.

10.00 - Opening of the festival, opening of the exposition.  
10.30 - Competitive program of the category "up to 7 years",
13.00 - Competitive program of the category"8-11 years". Ensembles.
16.00 - Break, placement of participants in the second section in the dressing rooms, trial of the stage.
17.00 - Competitive program of the category "12-15 years", "16-26 years". Ensembles.

The start time of the contest program for each category may vary. The exact schedule will be compiled after the receipt from the teams of preliminary applications for participation.

small stage
Theater and concert center (small hall), ul.Sumskaya, 25

10.00-12.00 – Soundcheck, break, accommodation of participants of the second branch in the dressing rooms.
12.00 -  Competition program. Vocals.

The start time of the contest program for each category may vary. The exact schedule will be compiled after the receipt from the teams of preliminary applications for participation.

14 April (sunday). Creative day

Kharkiv National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet (Sumskaya Street, 25).
Ballet Hall (from the service entrance)

11.00-14.00 - educational seminar for team leaders
11.00-12.00 - free master class for dancers on hip-hop.
12.30-14.00 - free master class for dancers in modern-dance. The age limit is at least 9 years old.

Participation in master classes is possible only by prior request! Replacement shoes are required!

The jury consists of independent specialists in the field of choreography and vocals, leading experts in culture, professional choreographers and vocalists. The list of the panel of judges will be available on the festival page:  and on the website

ATTENTION! The collective can be suspended from participation in the festival at any stage for incorrect behavior (actions or statements of participants and leaders that offend other participants in the competition, actions that interfere with the festival, as well as for any forms of communication with jury members throughout the entire contest day, except stipulated in the Provision of time).

Rewarding of participants and prize-winners:
* Prize fund of the festival 80000 UAH.
* All collective-participants are awarded with exclusive diplomas;
* Prize-winners of the festival, who took 1 to 3 places, receive the title of Laureate 1, 2, 3 degrees, are awarded with the appropriate diplomas, original cups, special prizes. Duplication of prize places is allowed.
* Prize-winners of the festival, who have won from 4th to 6th place, receive the title of Diplomant 1, 2, 3 degrees, are awarded with the appropriate diplomas, original cups, special prizes. Duplication of prize places is allowed
* EACH participant is awarded with a personal diploma and a souvenir with the symbols of the festival!
* On the recommendation of the jury will be awarded the Grand Prix. The jury has the right not to award the Grand Prix.
* Each team that has won prizes will be awarded with a special certificate for free participation in international European festivals (Greece, Bulgaria).
Financial conditions:
The competition is held on a non-commercial basis. The costs of organizing the competition and the formation of the prize fund are carried out through charity and sponsorship contributions, voluntary donations of organizations and individuals. Traveling expenses are borne by sending organizations

The collectives who won the PRO category won prizes - free participation in the festival in Paris (performance in Disneyland Paris), free participation plus a permanent certificate for 3000 euros for participation in the summer festival in Bulgaria. Took 1st place - an additional cash prize of 5000 UAH. and free participation in any of our project.

Soloists, who won in the nomination "PRO", won prizes - free participation plus a permanent certificate for 500 euros to participate in the summer festival in Bulgaria. Took 1st place - completely free trip to the festival in Bulgaria (paid accommodation, food, travel, participation).

The charitable contribution for participants is:
Solo - 15 Euro. from the participant for one number.
Duets - 10 Euro. from the participant for one number.
Three and more participants - 8 Euro. from the participant for one number

Entrance ticket to theatrical hall for spectators:
Competitive day April 13 - 5 euro. (the ticket is valid for one competitive day for one location / hall)

Entrance for managers and coaches - free of charge (only by prior request).

The procedure and terms of registration
The preliminary application for participation from the team must be at the disposal of the organizers of the festival no later than April 1, 2018. Confirm the preliminary application and make changes to it before April 07, 2018.
The application is considered accepted only after you received a response to the e-mail from the organizers! The answer is sent to the e-mail from which the application was sent within two days.

After April 07, no changes in the program, regardless of the reason, are not accepted!

Acceptance of applications can be stopped until April 07, provided all categories and nominations are filled with the maximum number of participants allowed.


Attention! Age categories and nominations in the application must be indicated in accordance with the Regulations!
Applications are accepted exclusively by e-mail on the forms mentioned above. If you need help in preparing the application, write to us or call.

* Registers the participants the head or authorized representative.
* All managers need to check in advance whether the age of the participants corresponds to the declared age categories!

Organizational committee:


+38 097-044-50-20   
+38 097-044-50-70   

+38 063-205-24-42   
+38 066-205-24-42

web-support: ,  ,

Attention! For the life and health of the festival participants the responsibility is born by the heads of collectives and accompanying persons. All dancers are advised to have health insurance.
Security of the festival is provided by a private security company. There is face control and dress code.

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